Monday, July 22, 2013

An Eventual Pilgrim's Progress

Insulation and interior paneling is done. Today I bought and assembled a storage cabinet. I think I'm going to put it where the passenger seat used to be. It needs to be well anchored somehow.

Back when I cut my finger, I was fabricating brackets to mount the solar panel to the roof rack. I took the two brackets to the powder painter on Friday. "Two to three weeks," they said.

They called this morning (Monday) to say the brackets were ready. "Um, yeah, it turned out we were already doing another project in white, so we could do yours at the same time."

So this afternoon I drilled the edges of the solar panel and bolted on the brackets.

When there are some extra hands around here, I'll get it up on the roof rack, mark and drill the holes, and bolt it in place. Then comes a scary part: drilling a hole in the roof for wires.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Am I in Costa Rica or something?

The past two weeks have been day after day of high humidity followed by rain, followed by high humidity. I've left an open bucket to catch water. Eight inches so far. So I've spent the time finishing the insulation on the van walls.

Too bad insulation is about temperature and not oppressive mugginess.

I want to install the roof vent, but I need enough continuous rain-free time to cut a hole in the roof and get the job done.

When did this area become a rain forest?