Friday, September 22, 2023

The call finally came

What is slower than the slow boat to China? The slow truck from Louisiana carrying my transmission. 

When the mechanic checked on its status Tuesday it was determined the truck was in Albuquerque. Why had it taken I-40 instead of I-10? Oh, mine wasn’t the only load on the truck. Okay.

It was still in Albuquerque on Wednesday morning, but in the afternoon it was shown to be “on the move.” So by end of day? Or Thursday morning? It’s only a 4-hour drive. But no show on Thursday.

But the transmission arrived today. It had been held in Albuquerque awaiting a southbound truck. If I had known that I might have gone to Albuquerque myself to get it. Oh well.

The mechanic — Rick Marquez at Twisted Wrenches — will see how his other jobs go today and determine on Monday when he can fit me in. I’m predicting Wednesday. I’m going to need another fifty-pound bag of patience.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Transmission update

I grew up in a time when the slang for transmission was tranny or trans. Using those terms now could cause confusion or offense. So, when I want to avoid typing a 12-letter word, I use gear box instead.

Whatever I might call it, the proper one has been located — in Louisiana — and paid for. It will arrive next week after the seemingly endless slog across the widest part of Texas.