Tuesday, October 26, 2021

No matter where you go, there you (and all your stuff) are

It was another of those days where I made a last moment change of plans on the way to Silver City. Not only would I pick up some supplies, as usual, but I could also do my laundry, even though my dirty clothes bag wasn’t crammed full yet. Oooo, and since laundry would keep me in town until lunch, I could get a carnitas burrito (with lots of guac and salsa verde) at Fidencio’s!

This is one of the advantages of living in a vehicle. I didn’t have to go back “home” for my laundry. It was right in the back—along with everything else I own. If lived in a travel trailer that I had set up and was now out and about in the tow vehicle, or if I lived in a large RV and I was now driving the tow’d, I wouldn’t have my laundry with me unless I had planned it. I’m too impulsive for, ick, planning. But I do plan to keep living the vehicle dweller life.

Mmmmmm, fresh laundry


  1. It is more fun getting laundry dirty than getting it clean.

  2. And you can make the grocery store your first stop because you can immediately put away your groceries!

    1. That's especially true with things that need to be refrigerated.

  3. My motorhome has just as many clothes as my house..Really the same everything, food-drinks-bedding. Turn keys and go!