Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Fresh ink

Although I have survived cancer (so far), I don’t think of myself as a Cancer Survivor. It’s something that happened to me, something I went through, but it’s not part of my identity. 

Nonetheless, I designed this tattoo—The Big C with an X over it—to honor the people who helped me through it. Doctors Kumar, Hu, Mendelsohn, Wong and Chin who fixed me up; LaVonne and Lou from Yucaipa (a.k.a. the other Lou) who shuttled me and my van to Los Angeles; and my former wife—but still dear friend—Ceebs for giving me a place to stay, for feeding me, for driving me to appointments and treatments, and for asking medical questions that never occurred to me.

The tattoo is also for my best friend Lou who is going through his own struggle with cancer—and other health issues. Down with cancer, man. 

And thank you Mando at Independent Ink in Silver City NM for your fine craftsmanship.


  1. I understand. I walk a fine line between imposter syndrome when I talk about it since I had it fairly easy and wanting to be a success story to show others it is, as you said, just something that happened to me. Down with cancer indeed.

  2. Olé!

    And zee bool...he missed!