Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Hurray for infrastructure projects

(Big exhale)

I’m back on the road. Back to my normal life. My vagabond life. And it feels a little weird to have a totally open agenda. No appointments, no routine, no one with whom I must mesh my existence. I don’t need to hurry back from a short trip to help anyone out. I’m gone for good — well, except for a brief return to clear out Lou’s shop and sell his truck.

(Big exhale again)

So… Yesterday I got as far as Ironwood Forest National Monument outside Tucson. I’ve been there several times before but now something was different — other than my state of mind. The last couple of miles of road before the turnoff to a camping area had been utter crap. A layer of asphalt had been coming up in chunks. It was so bad people had been driving on the much smoother dirt shoulder. But now:

The new paving is a surprise since this is just a lightly traveled road out in the boonies, not some high-priority thoroughfare in town. Maybe it’s a sign for me. Or just a sign of public works working.


  1. Hopefully the fresh road is a sign of good things to cone.

  2. Let's get that crew to do Kuhn/Dome Rock Road!
    So sorry about Al. I'm sure he will be missed a lot by you and all of his friends.

  3. In the earlier years,that kind of improvement in my home state usually meant an onslaught of new campers with no idea about anything.

  4. Yup. Easy access is a mixed blessing.
    Linda Sand