Friday, January 17, 2014

Just a comment about commenting

Please do.


  1. You would likely get more comments if you removed the captcha challenge.

  2. Your brief posts are often thought-provoking -- as well as being little windows into your...ummmm...quirky personality. ;-) I've been going through a period where I do not remember my dreams or wake with a "feeling" from them at all. Does this mean I'm bored out of my mind? Are you camping within the national park or is there boondocking outside its borders? My feeling now is sheer envy.

  3. I rarely comment anywhere, but since you asked...
    Sorry I missed you at the RTR. Being an introvert myself, I waited until the last few days to visit!
    Alexa, in the really tall 'van'.

  4. C. J Hall, I stayed at a campground -- Jumbo Rocks -- but there is dispersed camping just outside the park on the south side, between I-10 and the park boundary. Having been past there, it didn't seem like a very attractive option. If I pass this way again, I'll stay at a different campground, like White Tank or Hidden Valley. They aren't built for big RVs.

  5. Have been enjoying your blog and was looking forward to maybe meeting you at the RTR though from what I've been reading lately, I'm a little scared of the whole Quartzsite scene.
    Happy trails.

  6. I enjoy yours and several other full time vandwellers' blogs. An attractive lifestyle it is.

    I wouldn't worry about the number of comments. Many will read and not make a comment.