Sunday, January 12, 2014

Smells like brunch

RTR this morning featured a sharing session about various ways van dwellers might cook. Bob started things off with a solar oven. It's an interesting concept, but impractical for me. It's a slower method of cooking. That would mean planning ahead, like thinking about dinner while eating breakfast, prepping everything, and then... waiting.

Granted, solar ovens are great for baking, which you can't really do on a stove. And, if I had room for one, I'd use it when I'm in the middle of nowhere and craving hot baked goods. (Assuming I had the makings for baked goods.) Otherwise, I'll let the pros do the baking. Or someone with a solar oven.


  1. The thing with solar ovens is they take no energy. There are several limitations the need for sun, the need for cooking at the hottest part of the day. But as an emergency measure a solar oven can be made of aluminum foil and a cardboard box.

  2. My emergency measure is food that doesn't require cooking.