Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nice to meet you. Which rig is yours?

The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous is for anyone enjoying the mobile life, either full- or part-time. Since there are many approaches to living on the road, here's a sampling of the variety currently at RTR.

 There's the ubiquitous cargo van

 The self-converted passenger van

 A smaller Astro van

A 4x4 Astro passenger van

 A reconverted conversion van

A reconverted conversion van with top boxes

A reconverted conversion van with storage trailer

A reconverted wheelchair van

A Class B RV

A self-converted box van

A van with travel trailer

A utility trailer converted to a travel trailer

A Jeep and small travel trailer

A Class C RV

A fifth-wheel trailer, with slideouts

A Class A RV

A hand-built gypsy vardo

A camper on flatbed 4x4 pickup, with a trailer for an ATV

And it's only the morning of the first official day of RTR. Who knows what will roll in later.


  1. Were you aware of the van dweller community and the RTR before you started on your adventure? It's great you've connected with like minded people.

  2. So many approaches by the independent thinkers who hit the road.
    For the solitary traveler, I like the small motorhome or small, gas efficient car pulling a quality teardrop.

  3. Yes, Connie, I had learned about all this back before I took the plunge.

  4. Hi Al, Hey thanks for all the pics of the different rigs we boondockers travel in. Great to be at my first RTR. !!


  5. I recognize more than a couple of those set ups. Sure with I was there! Enjoy!