Friday, July 29, 2016

Music in the park

The population of Ridgway, Colorado, is less than a thousand. Yet the small town manages to put together an impressive free concert series each July. People come from all over to enjoy it. So do the performers. Last night's opening act, I Draw Slow, was from Ireland. The members of the main act, Jenny and the Mexicats, were from Mexico, Spain and England.

The audience was old farts, babies, young adults, moms & dads, teens, aging hippies, wealthy people, broke people, punks, ranchers, hipsters, fairy queens, blue collars, chefs, artists, dogs and at least a couple of full-time nomads temporarily in residence.

Ridgway also has Townie Tuesday Picture Show in the park. I haven't experienced that because the films, being family-friendly, aren't my thing. Besides, the movies don't start until dark. That puts it after my bedtime.


  1. Do you mean to say you go to bed with the chickens ?? LOL.

    1. No, I sleep alone. Though the hens are starting to look pretty good these days.

    2. That answer was a good one !! LOL.