Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sometimes it's like waiting for Christmas

My Social Security check drops on the second Wednesday of each month. That can be as early as the 8th or as late as the 14th. I was a little irresponsible with my money the past month, so I'll be happy for tomorrow.

There are some things I'd like to get. A replacement for my burned out cell booster. Maybe a directional antenna to go with it. I'd like some new bedding. I need more Peri-Wash. And I should really get new brake rotors since mine are kind of warped and they've already been machined once before.

I don't need to get it all at once, but it's handy to have things shipped directly to Forrest's place while I'm here rather than going through my mail forwarder. On the other hand, there's no rush on the cellular stuff since Forrest lets me use his wifi. But on the other other hand, Forrest is a mechanic and is willing to change the rotors in exchange for the construction work I'm helping with.

One way or another, I think I'll be placing an order or two tomorrow, then wait for Santa to arrive in the brown truck.


  1. Knowing your order will arrive at the right place is wonderful! Thinking it will come FedEx only to have them change to Smart Post which can't be delivered where you are is the pits!

  2. I thought Santa drove a white truck with a solar panel on top and magically appears when you get stuck in the mud in the forest.

  3. hmmm, so what happens when those checks start bouncing?