Saturday, July 23, 2016

Relaxing pays off

I've been in Ridgway for three weeks. No wandering. No driving, except for some runs to Montrose, twenty-five miles away, for supplies. Or a couple of miles to the hot spring.

Of course, a parked vehicle burns no fuel, so I've used way less gas over those three weeks. Zero gallons per day most days. But my mileage when I am driving would be the same as usual, right?

Well, it wasn't.

The last time I filled up was 373 miles ago. I filled up again today. Twenty point five gallons. That's 18.2 miles per gallon. Hmmmm, excellent. I typically get around sixteen to seventeen miles per gallon.

No, I don't think going nowhere had anything to do with the better mileage. More likely it's that I've mellowed out. I've been driving slower, less aggressively, less in a rush to get to the next place calling my name.


  1. Isn't Ridway lovely ? love the little town !!

  2. Is there a picture somewhere of a zen garden outside the rolling steel tent?