Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Surviving, thriving

There are relatives and non-nomadic friends who have a hard time understanding how I can wander around, usually by myself. All alone. Without strong social attachments. Without a base to return to.

To them, I'm like the tree in the picture above. They worry that I will shrivel and die. But I see a tree that's doing fine, with just enough connections to the rest of the world.

Lou hangs out at the Independence Day party

Speaking of enough connections, Lou and I have met up again. We're with Forrest, at his place in Ridgway, Colorado, to help him build some cabins.

Forrest rebuilds a carburetor

We're going to build a couple more of these

I've met and shared meals and conversations with Forrest's girlfriend, Avril, and his friend, Joe. I've been to a party with about thirty strangers. (That was a bit of an overdose for an introvert like me, but I survived and had a fairly good time.) So my life is not a wasteland of solitude. Except when I want it to be.


  1. Needing lots of solitude myself I may be one of the few who understand your need.

  2. Nice visual analogy.

    1. I ran across the photo first. It inspired the post topic.

    2. The scale is off but I also see a bat cave for the RST.