Sunday, December 30, 2018

Putting some bedding to bed

I went into Kohl’s looking for a particular thing and didn’t find it. But I came across some down quilts on sale. Well hey, I’d been thinking it was time to replace my old one.

Thirty-two years is probably a decent lifespan for a down quilt. I had sewn up dozens and dozens of little leaks but there would still be an errant bit of fluff or two or three each morning. The cotton exterior was becoming like netting.

A quick check online a few weeks ago informed me king size down quilts started in the $200 range. Ow. But Kohl’s had them for $89.99. After-Christmas pricing, I guess—plus this being far southern Arizona where demand for warm bedding isn’t as great.

So why a king size quilt on a twin bed? I love being all bunched up in my bedding.

I’ll take the old quilt to Goodwill and let them decide whether it still has some life—or feathers—in it.

UPDATE: First night with the new quilt. Excellent.


  1. Nice, I too got a new down blanket this year and got it more than twice the width of my bed. That allows me to double it over itself if the weather gets bone chilling cold. But there are two important words for protecting it from damage and reduce having to wash it very often...duvet cover. I have a cat that will use his claws to make a passage under the blanket and the down blankets suffer damage easily from him so my new blanket went right into a duvet cover to protect it. No holes so far.

  2. The old ones should go to a local animal shelter to give some fur babies some warm comfort!