Sunday, October 24, 2021

Another unnecessary project finished

I had such a good time modifying one guitar that I decided to do another. This one started out as a scaled down kids’ guitar with a built in speaker. It was weirdly cool and only $35. I had to get it.

I left the body alone even though it had some dings and scratches. The cool dudes call it “relicing” and pay a lot to have the wear simulated. Instead, I focused on getting the fretboard in proper condition. That’s actually the most important part of a guitar. I also added a second pickup, upgraded all the hardware, and got the speaker working again.

That last part was the most daunting to me. I don’t have much experience with electronics, especially the kind that involves circuitboards. But with the help of four reference sources and Lou’s advice, it worked! The first time!

As expected, the little speaker sounds anemic, but if I want to practice playing and don’t have a proper amp to plug into, it’s just fine. And I could plug headphones into it if I wanted better sound.

Now what am I going to do with two guitars?