Sunday, January 9, 2022


There I was, on a hilltop south of Lake Havasu City, when an email arrived. Said email notified me I had a bit of business to deal with in Quartzsite.

Sigh. Best laid plans, et cetera, et cetera. So I drove back, did the thing that had to be done, then found a boondocking spot off Plomosa Road. 

I had relocated to Lake Havasu City for cell service that wasn’t clogged by a few hundred thousand other people like me. I had also gone for a change of scenery. Now I was back and cell service was still unusable, except in the wee hours when sensible folks were asleep. I couldn’t stay there.

I flipped a coin this morning: heads = Lake Havasu; tails = Yuma; edges = somewhere else. I fumbled catching the coin and it bounced out of the van and into a tarantula hole. I decided I preferred Yuma, if only because I had just made the drive north (and back) a few hours before.

Now I’m back where the land and the bandwidth are much less crowded. Yeah, this is a good place. Especially after making a stop in Los Algodones for tacos.

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