Sunday, January 2, 2022

Cooking with math

The package of dehydrated corn chowder mix looked really good. Just add potatoes, chicken broth and heavy cream. I could handle that.

But then I realized the portions called for in the instructions added up to more than my pot could hold. Even the leftovers would be too much for any of my containers. I would have to do some arithmetic to cut the size. 

I could hear some former teacher chuckling smugly, “See, you will have to know how to convert ounces to cups, and decimals to fractions.” 

I replied, “I have apps to do that for me, neener neener neener.” I had to guess on the dry mix, though. Better to add too much than too little. Thick soup is good.

The instructions failed to mention salt. I’m not a huge salt user, but this chowder really needed it, especially since I had used low-sodium broth. It needed pepper, too. But it was still the perfect lunch for a chilly day.

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