Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Not fun

It started with head and body aches, then exhaustion, then some gastrointestinal distress. 

I flopped into bed before sundown. More exhaustion, now mixed with a little dizziness.

I wanted to sleep but couldn’t get comfortable. Everything my joints touched—even my super soft mattress—was annoying.

Then the dreams started.

Whenever I get sick my brain starts feeding me boring, frustrating, repetitive dreams. This time it was about how if I could decode the entries on a spread sheet I would finally feel comfortable and be able to sleep without interruption.

I woke up, thinking it must be about 3 AM. It was 9:34 PM. It was going to be a long long night. 

I kept waking every hour or so, cranky, frustrated, not wanting to move but unable to find comfort. 

Sometime after midnight my bowels sent out an urgent message. Aaaaaaaahhh, that helped. I came to the untrained conclusion I had given myself food poisoning. Some leftovers might have been too left over.

The sun finally rose and I debated myself. Would I feel better getting up and moving around, or should I stay put and slowly turn into a mattress? The fact I wrote this tells you what I decided. Not feeling too bad.


  1. Al,I'm sorry to hear you were not feeling well.hopefully you turned the corner.Sometimes you're better off throwing those leftovers to the critters of the night.Best Wishes + Fair Winds