Thursday, March 24, 2022

The fan is dead. Long live the fan.

This fan has served me well for nearly nine years. The 12V plug disassembled itself last year and I replaced it. But when I tried to use the fan today (90-something degrees in the Mojave Desert) I discovered the other end of the cord was damaged. And the socket inside the fan had come loose.

I like this fan because of its magnetic mounting ability. I have the perfect location for it. But O2Cool stopped making this model several years ago.

So, do I toss the fan because of the cord? Or do I try to wire up a different cord, eliminating the whole plug and socket thing? If the latter, can I disassemble the fan, or is it glued together? Stay tuned.


  1. So have anything better to do? I would try at least to fix-it ,nothing lost if you can' can always another.

    1. I got it disassembled and cleaned up. Need to get a soldering iron, solder, and heat shrink. Fortunately, I'm very near a Home Depot.