Saturday, October 8, 2022

Short Wander, Day 4: National Park Trifecta

Guadalupe Mountains National Park (featuring the highest point in Texas) is just down the highway from Carlsbad Caverns. I didn’t really expect much, especially compared to the caverns, but it was an enjoyable time.

I was feeling a little... blah that morning. It was a little chilly and overcast. It had rained during the night and probably would again during the day. Not the kind of weather I’d choose for hiking. Maybe I would just hit the visitor center for a sticker to add to my collection then take off for home. Nah, it would be cheating to say I’d been to Guadalupe Mountains if I didn’t at least stroll a little down a trail.

So I did. I set off without any gear other than my phone. No water, no jacket, no hat, no trail map... because I was just going a hundred yards or so. However, the trail and scenery were nice, so I kept on walking. And walking. I passed people with backpacks and hiking poles. I was the foolish old man heading into the wilderness totally unprepared.

After about a mile and a half the clouds closed up, the breeze increased, and the temperature dropped. Most likely rain was on its way. So I turned around. Just in time. I got to the Rolling Steel Tent and started on a fruit & cereal bar when the sky opened. I must be getting more savvy about this outdoors awareness stuff.


  1. I played in the Guadalupes a few times in my life and always enjoyed them. The back side over near Dog Canyon was also nice to me.

    1. That will give me a reason to return someday. When it's less likely to rain.

  2. Or lucky. :)
    Linda Sand

  3. Wow. Just reading 'Track of the Cat' by Nevada Barr.