Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Parting shot

Today I loaded my stuff in the van, took two loads of trash to the transfer station, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, vacuumed, dusted, took the last of the housewares to the 96-year-old perpetual yard sale lady, flipped all the circuit breakers for the house, shop, well and RV hookups, and delivered the keys to my wonderful neighbors, Pat and Margene, so they can give them to the real estate agent who is away for a few weeks. 

Then I drove away.

It felt a little bit weird. It was over. I wasn't running an errand. I wasn't taking a vacation. I was leaving. I might never come back. I didn't have this feeling when I waved farewell to my own house ten years ago.

It felt a little bit wrong. It felt like I was cutting myself off from Lou and his memory, abandoning him. I'm not the caretaker of his hard work anymore.

But now I'm the caretaker of his ashes. I'm delivering them to Lou's sailing buddy, George, who lives on Vancouver Island. We'll deposit Lou in the ocean, as per his request.

After that? I guess I go searching for a new best friend.


  1. May you have fair winds on your mission ,you are the best of friends !

  2. Welcome to another new chapter of your life. I am sure it will be interesting and fun.

  3. Lou will be in your memory for a long time to come. You will continue to celebrate having had him as a friend while you miss him. Be glad you were able to be there for him when he needed you. We are glad for you as you move on in life.
    Linda Sand

  4. Passages like this are always difficult, you were a true friend to Lou, I am sorry for your loss. All the best to you Al.

  5. Maybe a furry friend as a traveling companion might help ease any loneliness