Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hello again, California

So here I am, back at my usual winter hangout in the southeast corner of California. 

Did laundry and got groceries in Yuma on my way here, so I'm all set for a while. I feel good.


  1. Why anyone would want to hang out in CA is beyond me, and I live here in Newsom land.

    1. This corner of the state, with desert and dunes, is pretty much no man's land.

    2. Then there are the mountains, the coast, the redwoods... Lots of places to get away from the hassles.

    3. KennyD, as much as I try not to generalize, it's my experience that Californians are more open-minded, accepting of diversity and less afraid of strangers. People seem better-educated, more empathetic and generally curious...interested in finding out rather than immediately saying, "I don't like it."

      Where is Newson Land?

    4. I've often wished American Girl was on the AZ side of the border.