Saturday, December 2, 2023

The stuff

I was going through my old photos files and came across a batch from when I was a homeowner. I loved that stainless steel medical cabinet from Los Angeles, the raku pots from North Carolina, the carved creature from Mexico, the photo I took of the Louvre, the octagonal mirror from Utah, the barber shop sign from Nigeria (the sliver of a face in the bottom left corner), the painting I did of the woman, the other paintings, the leather club chair… But I was ready to let those things and so much else go so I could live the life I have now. It was someone else’s turn to love my stuff.


  1. Sheesh! Do you still miss it?

    I've been grateful Michelle was willing to keep my/our treaures, but not having them w me is one of the biggest drawbacks of our lifestyle...maybe the *only* one.

    Couldn't your sister have kept some?

  2. And I bet you are a lot better off to have moved on from those good experiences, I know I have been.

  3. George Carlton comes to mind

  4. Good thinking about someone else loving them. That helped me move on as well. Now we just have one bin of sentimental things. I do, sometimes, miss the Stressless Recliners, though.
    Linda Sand