Monday, May 6, 2024

Attack of the styrofoam

Last night, in May for Pete’s sake, we had more frozen stuff fall from the sky. I thought it was sleet but my full-of-information friend Karin explained these snow pellets are called graupel. It’s from the German for pearl barley.

I think the weather gods knew of my plans to head to lower elevations tomorrow and wanted to treat me before I left to a form of precipitation I had never experienced before. Um, thanks?

Meanwhile, friends in Truckee thought they had seen the last of winter and removed their snow tires. Then it snowed a foot. Note to self: Even with the promise of spring (maybe summer) skiing, stay out of the Sierras for a while.

But thanks for the water!


  1. A guy I worked for in Minnesota doesn't plow the drive & parking lot after Mother's Day...but that's next Sunday.

  2. I learned about grapple a few years ago in my yard in WA state - there was a lovely accumulation on my back steps - had to do an online search to find out what it was