Thursday, May 30, 2024


I enjoyed my time in Cayucos (which I learned is Spanish for canoes). It’s a nice, well-kept, laid back little village. I streetdocked at a park, by a stream, in a quiet corner of town. During the day I parked — for free — right at the beach. I watched dogs having a crazy fun time running on the sand, retrieving balls from the surf, chasing each other around. I bought some delicious popovers at a bakery and a sticker from a gift shop.

I could’ve stayed weeks, but it was time to make more progress northward. Moving day is also a good day to do laundry. It turned out the laundromat was brand new (still displaying a NOW Open banner). It also turned out I was the only one there. Wow! Spotless laundromat, all the machines working, and all to myself. It almost made laundry fun.

I was in the Rolling Steel Tent, putting away my clean stuff, when a white-haired earth mother type appeared at the door with a brown paper shopping bag.

“I’m leaving these groceries in the laundromat for anyone who needs them.” 

It was clear from her expression and body language that “anybody” included me. “Thank you, but I’m well stocked.”

“Okay.” She did a quick scan of the van. “I like your setup.” She smiled and went inside.

I was curious what might be in the bag, so when I finished stowing the clothes I went to check. Canned goods, ramen, tortillas, snack bars. About $50 worth of stuff.

This is the second time something like this has happened to me. In 2020 several of us vehicle dwellers were camped in the parking lot of the closed-for-COVID recreation center in Arcata. A 30-something woman went from rig to rig with a box of foodstuffs. I was also well stocked at that time, although I wasn’t putting away laundry.

There are good people out there.

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