Thursday, October 24, 2013

Not enough eyes

I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway, from Malibu to Los Angeles, noticing cars parked along the road near beaches.

I wondered what the parking restrictions were. I occasionally saw signs saying no parking midnight to 7:00 AM. I saw some that said no parking at all.

But there seemed to be stretches without any parking signs. Did I just not see them? Was I too focused on the road and traffic? (Can one be too focused on driving?)

This is where a passenger would be handy. He/she could concentrate on signs and gather data.

But the Rolling Steel Tent has no passenger seat. I sacrificed it for more storage. Oh well.

Maybe I need some kind of advanced dash-mounted camera with sign recognition technology and voice feedback. "There haven't been any parking regulation signs the past two miles, Sir. Cross-referencing with the local parking regulations database, that means overnight parking is allowed."

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