Thursday, October 31, 2013

“Time keeps on tickin’, tickin’ into the future.”

This unposed photo is almost a cliché by now. A young person absorbed in the trivialities of the virtual world while something beautiful happens in the real world. We old farts either chuckle at their foolishness or bewail the impending collapse of civilization.

But we all do this in some way. Maybe not glued to a smartphone or computer. Usually just caught up in the mundane demands of everyday life. 

When did you last pause to watch the sun set? Or spent unstructured, agenda-free time with people you love?

A friend says, “He who dies with the most memories wins.” What will your deathbed memories be?

While I’m on my current physical and mental journey, I’m making an effort to load in as many fine memories as I can. Among other things, I’ve pledged to myself to watch the sun set, to take notice of the planet spinning on its axis, of time passing. Because Time, that uncaring jerk, doesn’t stop for us. Tomorrow, and the next day and the next day arrive whether we’re ready or not. And they leave whether we’re done with them or not. Whether we’ve had any memorable experiences or not.

That young guy walking the beach (give him credit for being there instead of cooped up somewhere) probably thinks, like most young people, that there are decades ahead to notice the golden glow of sunsets over the Pacific. (Whoa! Where did my life go?) Maybe he has taken note of thousands already. Maybe he was on his smartphone setting up something exceptionally memorable. I hope so. What about you?

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