Wednesday, December 25, 2013

One potato, two potato

I volunteered to make cheesy garlic mashed potatoes for our van dweller Christmas feast. The night before I’d wondered aloud how long it would take to boil a dozen potatoes’ worth of diced spuds. The consensus was about a half hour.

Dinner was scheduled for 2-ish. I got a late start because someone stole an hour of time from the universe. That’s the only possible explanation. So I madly diced a sack of potatoes and half a garlic bulb and set the pot on to boil.

They say a watched pot never boils. What they don’t say is that a large watched pot heated by a small propane camp stove never ever boils. At least not until the dinner guests have become impatient, other warm foods are getting cool and they start eating without your cheesy garlic mashed potatoes. Swearing at the pot doesn’t help either.

But the potatoes were ready by the time folks were going for seconds. And, since it was Christmas, any unkind opinions regarding the taste of the potatoes or their lateness were left unspoken.

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