Monday, December 16, 2013


Some random things from the past few days:

1. This is my nightly cocktail. The big white pill is Metformin to balance my glucose levels. The two green ones are Gabapentin to quiet my peripheral neuropathy. The pink one is generic Benedryl for my sinuses and as a sleep aid. The blue one is generic Aleve, taken occasionally for other pain, like when I had the dental work done, or for muscle ache.

2. In case you were wondering, it's possible (though probably not recommended) for a disposable lighter to go through a wash cycle and at least 30 minutes of tumbling in a hot dryer and still come out working. Without catching anything on fire. I discovered this. And it wasn't even my lighter.

3. It seems that at a certain age, somewhere around 70, many women suddenly get the urge to wear clothing decorated with rhinestones. And gold sneakers. Sometimes at the same time. Why? And does that mean that I will eventually have the uncontrollable urge to dress like the stereotypical old man?


  1. As we age comfort becomes more important to us.

    I don't like rhinestones but they tend to be attached to the most comfortable shirts. Why is that? Does the fashion industry think women shouldn't be comfortable unless they glitter?

    I accidentally found out one day why old men wear their belts high. If you are having digestive problems a tight belt where one would normally wear it is uncomfortable; wearing it higher helps.

  2. Check out a ketogenic/nutritional ketosis diet, you might be able to throw away the Metformin and the one for neuropathy. Jus'saying! :)