Monday, December 30, 2013

Sometimes one needs to come in out of the wilderness

One of my favorite nieces was having a housewarming. They'd been renovating the place for four years. Out with the '70s and in with the '10s. She and her husband live in Las Vegas. I was in southern Arizona, only a few hours' drive away. Why not?

And as long as I was in Vegas, I should do some Vegas-ing. So I got a hotel room on the Strip and played tourist. While trying not to stand out too much as a tourist. At least not the stereotypical gauche tourist. Rather, my own unique type of gauche tourist.

But I'm ready to head back to the quiet (and way cheaper) life in the desert. I need crowds every couple of months so I appreciate solitude.

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  1. I started at the beginning, and am just up to Dec2013. Enjoying the blog, and will continue til I run out of updaes.

    Las Vegas is one of my favorite places, as I love to Gamble. Have done pretty well there in the past. My favorite places are the Monte Carlo and the Rio.

    Bob (aka stude53)