Monday, January 29, 2018

Not quite Quartzsite

Let's say you're in transit through southwest Arizona and Quartzsite makes a convenient place to stop for the night. Let's also say you don't want to bother with getting a permit for one of the popular short-term boondocking areas like Scaddan Wash or Hi Jolly, and you don't want to drive down lumpy, dusty, unpaved roads to spots like Palm Canyon. You want quick, no-fuss access. Easy in, easy out, back on your way in the morning.

Well, there are dispersed camping areas along US-95 south of Quartzsite and north of Yuma Proving Grounds. Just keep your eye peeled for patches of desert pavement with level transitions from the highway and tire tracks leading back into the mesquite, saguaros and ocotillos. You'll probably come across a fire ring or two. Highway noise is light with almost none at night. It sure beats being wedged in between generator users.

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  1. Milepost 99 and power line road are good places to look for if finding a spot makes you nervous.