Friday, July 2, 2021

Preliminary results

Lou had a comprehensive PET scan on Wednesday. Not only did they want to check the status of his lung cancer, they wanted to see if it had spread anywhere else.

Today he went in to get the results. Well, the radiologist’s report wasn’t ready, but the oncologist gave his opinion of what he saw: no new growth, and one spot seemed slightly smaller. 

So, unless the radiologist sees something the oncologist missed, the situation has at least not gotten worse. That’s a degree of good news and a bit of a load of Lou’s mind.


  1. A grade school chum became a radiologist...his old man was the family doctor...who misdiagnosed me twice...only a mother's love and concern helped me dodge a medical bullet...Hang in there Lou!

  2. Space to breathe again is good. Thanks for the update.