Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Inverter reverter subverter diverter converter thing

As long as I have shore power here at Lou’s place I might as well exploit it as much as I can, thereby extending the careers of my batteries a little. 

My only major appliance not using shore power (other than the fridge) is my 12-Volt fan. Hmmmm… Is there a way…?

Why, yes there is. A 120V AC-to-12V DC transformer. As the packaging says:

Suit for car devices which its rated power less than this power adapter such like car vacuum cleaner, car air compressor, car fridge/warmer, car washer car fan, car air purifier, car mp3, car mug and so on.

You don’t get perfect English translations at this price. But the gizmo works. 


  1. Ac to DC unit in an RV is called a converter. Most of the RVs have those units.

    DC to AC is an inverter which you already know :)

  2. Good find!

    I got lucky without realizing it at the time. My 12v fan also runs off 110v or D size batteries. That means I could still use it now that I am off the road even if we have a power outage. Not much else would work in this all electric apartment but my fan would.