Friday, December 24, 2021

Something different for me

Whenever it rains—even just a little—Ogilby Road gets closed. There are spots where the road dips into washes. Washes might flood. Foolish people might try driving through the water. So when I returned from picking up a package at my mail forwarder in Quartzsite, I was greeted by ROAD CLOSED barriers. I couldn’t access where I had been camping the past week.

Uuuummmmm, okay. What’s Plan B?

How about spending forty bucks and getting a short-term pass for the Pilot Knob Long-Term Visitor Area? Short-term at the long-term.

I had avoided the place the past eight years because it’s right by the Interstate, a CHP office, the agricultural inspection station, a casino, a gas station, and the railroad. And The Center of The World/Museum of History in Granite/Maze of Honor/Chapel on the Hill/section of original spiral staircase from the Eiffel Tower.

Pilot Knob and the Rolling Steel Tent

Eh, sure. Why not? At least the ground is higher, so if it rains more I won’t have to worry about flooding. And it’s closer to Yuma. And the border crossing. Aaaahh, fish tacos!

The pass is good at any of the LTVAs around here, so if I don’t like it here I can try others, like Holtville with its hot spring. And freeway noise.


  1. Midland LTVA, 8 miles north of Blythe, is not as popular as most LTVA areas.

  2. I stayed at the Holtsville free area a few years back, didn't notice the noise but I could see it being a factor if you were in the paid area close to the hot springs. But then you would be close to the hot springs!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Fish tacos sounds really good. There is a Canadian snowbird couple whose blog I follow, and they are staying the the Pilot Knob RV park for a month and have been over in Los Algodones (sp?) a number of time for the day with no problems, except the line to get back into the US can get long as the day progresses, but fish tacos might be worth it.