Thursday, December 14, 2023

New tires

I got a lot of good wear and general happiness out of the Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT tires I’ve had the past few years. So, when the tread got thinner than the space between the edge of a penny and Lincoln’s hair, I went into Discount Tire and had a new set installed.

One reason I buy Cooper tires is they’re made in the United States. So, yay for jobs for American workers. And though the company was acquired by Goodyear a couple of years ago, Goodyear is the last American tire company not owned by a foreign corporation.

I buy from Discount Tire when I can because they’ve always had fair prices and I’ve never needed to have the tires rebalanced, unlike another place I used once upon a time.

These tires will do more sitting than rolling until other parts of the country warm up.


  1. Having good tires is a good thing. Supporting an American business is also good. Way to go, Al. Literally.
    Linda Sand

  2. Last time I went through, I noticed the Comcast trucks in Kanab, Utah had Cooper AT3s.

    We've used Discount for over 30 years but no more. They warped the new brake rotors on the 2015 Honda FIT by over-torquing the lugs when we had new tires put on. When I asked them to reimburse for replacing them we waited weeks for their decision which was NO.

    They've cross-threaded more than one lug. The first time I was trying to change a flat and couldn't get the lug off. Fortunately, when I stood on the wrench the stud broke. It would've been a LONG walk.

    The 2nd time I was trying to put on new brake pads and discovered they'd put an odd-size lug on. I had to go into town to buy a wrench to fit it. See:

    Congrats on new tires!