Thursday, December 28, 2023


Back in the late 70s I read an article about a man living a minimalist life. Not off in some ashram (or van) in the wilderness, but right there in Los Angeles, surrounded by conspicuous consumers flouting their material accumulation.

Fresh out of college, I was living a minimalist life too, but not as a choice. I didn’t have much money, not much more than my clothes, some dishes and a handful of books. I was renting a furnished apartment because I didn’t own a bed or chair. I was hoping to afford a radio soon. Maybe a TV. That’s why I was working, right? To be able to buy stuff that would make life more comfortable, that would make me feel successful. 

But here was this guy wanting less. Wanting things simpler. He seemed crazy.

What stuck in my mind all these years was his bedroom. It was simply a mattress in the middle of the room. No other furnishings or decorations. Not even anything in the closet. A bed room. “It’s where I sleep. What more do I need when I’m unconscious?”

So here I am all these years later living a minimalist life. I don’t have the luxury of a dedicated bed room, though. Everything is in one space. And that’s fine. Not crazy at all.


  1. About 28 years ago, I am 77 now, I realized all the extra junk was getting in the way of a fun life. Simplification of my life has been a wonderful change . 2/3 of the storage in my trailer is empty. 147 feet of living area and not all of that is used but chopping it off the trailer is not reasonable so it is just empty space. It is wonderful.

    1. So you have space for a bed room, right? ;)

    2. My 20 foot long box on my trailer has a bathroom at the rear and the rest of the box is one room with the rest of the living space stuff scattered in it. It is called an Arctic Fox 22H circa 2005 and now has over 100,000 miles of fun under its wheels.

    3. Barney! Have you considered renting sleeping space through Airbnb?

    4. I assume you meant renting out his extra space, Michael.

    5. Yes. I was being facetious.

      To clarify, if Barney has "extra" room it should, as any staunch capitalist would recognize, be put to use/work i.e., rented out. 🤔

      On the other hand, leaving extra space fallow demonstrates both a level of conspicuous consumption (I have it because I *can*) and disregard of the avarice that often underlies poor self-esteem (I have to have MORE in order to gain the recognition I *need.*)

      Having said the above, today I looked at a '96 Chevy G30 School bus; it'd have room for some art, more books and maybe even indoor plumbing! 🤗

    6. I've been surprised at how mamy people on Airbnb offer to rent tent space (with bathroom priveleges) on their 1/2 acre "estates." Not to mention what they're charging.

      There was one that had a couch in a one-bedroom trailer for rent.

  2. I am actively shopping for a smaller rig since mine is pretty worn after 16 years of living full time in it while roaming the USA.