Thursday, November 29, 2018

In with the new

Having set up a mail forwarding address in Quartzsite it’s now easy to have packages shipped to me—providing I’m in the general area or would be passing through. And since had knocked 20 percent off the price of Keen Arroyo II’s, it was a good time to order up my favorite shoe.

Looking a little too new

My old Arroyo II’s are still going strong, but it’s good to have a backup pair in case they stop making them or I grow another set of legs.


  1. Or the change them. I get a favorite pair of shoes and then they CHANGE them, and it's never for the better.

  2. Any advantages over good ol' shoes and socks? Personally dirty feet is the deal breaker; or am I missing something? P.S. How's big Lou doing? Seems like a nice piece of property.

    1. If in the environment you habitually frequent definitely socks; taking trash out of the home to the curb no need and no need for your high priced loafers! Appreciate your input. Capitalism is a beautiful enterprise!

  3. Why do all the light weight hiking shoe companies feel they have to make their shoes uglier every year?

  4. I share your love for Keen shoes. I have their $200 hiking boots and a pair of reg'lar Keen shoes that I'd... well... what's that about "cold dead fingers"?