Sunday, November 18, 2018

Waking to reality

Once again I had another series of dreams about being back at work, with troublesome coworkers and the deadlines for too many projects looming. For some reason, cold Mexican takeout cluttered my office. (What did burritos and quesadillas have to do with anything? Meals missed?)

But the anxiety of those dreams turned to happiness when I awoke. Oh yeah, I’m retired. That’s not my life anymore. I’m free.

Good morning, freedom


  1. Holy shit, I still get those dreams, too. I also get dreams that I'm still in high school or still married. Godammit, I hate all those dreams!

  2. Sleeping in a sticks-n-bricks room?

  3. The dreams where there is a pretty girl involved and I am 40 years younger are the ones I hate to wake up from!!!