Thursday, November 8, 2018

Know before you go

As the kids’ book reminds us, everyone poops. But not everyone poops in a bucket in a van. And some people who want to poop in a bucket in a van just can’t. Maybe they have physical limitations that prevent them from squatting on a bucket or un-squatting afterward. Maybe they’re grossed out by pooping in something other than a flush toilet. Maybe they’re the type who can only poop under certain conditions. Maybe they worry about making a mess with their mess.

Well, this is something folks should figure out before committing to living in a van. Because it could be a deal breaker. Get a bucket and some bags and try it out before driving away from the world of indoor plumbing. Your first experience will probably fit somewhere on a scale with Impossible at one end and No Problem at the other. For me it was This Is Weird and Will Take Some Getting Used To. After a few days it was totally normal. Hurray for adaptability.

But bucket pooping isn’t the only thing to try out ahead of time. For example, will you actually be comfortable with your planned bed? Will you be able to cope with not having hot water from a tap? Out in the boonies, with all your “normal life” bridges burned behind you, is not the place to find out.


  1. Extremely wise advice. Well done presentation too.

  2. Buying a seat that snaps onto the bucket can help reduce the weird.

  3. I never used a bucket on the road. I'm a cathole man. Yes, even in rain and snow.

  4. Shoot..or Krap..I've had '69-71-74 vans and many girlfriends who rode along with me for many adventures...I took them to so many swell places other dudes never had..They told me this. One night at a bar I was with one and two others showed up to yack.
    David took us to so many places, they all said, we were always cool together...
    I never had any issues with me or them with a potty issue...
    ..Lava Beds..Lassen..Tahoe..Reno..Carson city.Oregon..Wa..Ca. coasts...All starting from Ballard..(Seattle)...
    I musta done something right..?
    All I did was to build a simple bed frame, toss a mattress on it..Take my dresser from my bedroom and tie it to the wall, grab a couple of coolers, filled...and hit the roads..
    I even took my younger brother and the most adventureable sis on trips..
    My sis learned to drive a stick in my '69 Dodge A108 slant six...Started her out on a down-way freeway onramp..
    Who needs a gazillion $$$$$ for fun adventures?..
    Too long..Oh well....

  5. This life will be challenging for a germaphobe.