Saturday, February 23, 2019

Destination or waypoint?

Some modern nomads like to find a spot and settle in for weeks at a time. I don’t mean the ones who need to stay put for some reason, like for a job or family, or because their fuel budget is small. I’m talking about those who choose to. It's as if they feel travel should consist of a lot of not traveling. I only semi-understand. Maybe I don’t understand at all.

And maybe I don’t understand why I always have the urge to move on, why I think of almost every destination as just the place before the next place.

Some observers say I’m running from something. Others suggest I’m chasing after something. Perhaps I just can’t get no satisfaction. But what would satisfy me? A free spot by a beautiful beach with perfect weather year round. At least for a while. And then...

I’ve spent most of three months in essentially the same spot near Yuma because my choices of desirable, livable, free camping places have been limited by severe weather in every direction. So I’ve proved I’m able to settle in for long periods. I just don’t enjoy it much.

It’ll become brutally hot here before very long and nomads will leave. Some will feel like they’re being driven out. I’ll be one of those who will feel like they’ve been freed from prison.

To rephrase Canned Heat: I’m so tired of staying/But I’m out on the road again/I’m on the road again. At least I will be. Soon.


  1. 80s next week. We're outta here too!

  2. Why can't you enjoy driving and having a changing view without having a psychological reason? Is not "because I enjoy it" enough reason?

  3. Itchy feet, me too. SATSFACTION...can't get no, no no no. Ain' no cure for the summer time blues... Roll on, roll on, ROLL ON!

  4. Ya'll are about to make me roll on again soon with all this moving talk.

  5. Gypsy blood.

    I like Linda Sand's query....and K.C.'s too.

    Roll on, Columbia!

    And I can't tell yuh how glad I am you posted that weather chart. Have you seen Box Canyon Blog's latest?

    1. That's the third or forth snowfall in the Tucson area, right?

  6. I'd be afraid to look. Snow gives me the blind shivverz.

    But what I'm wondering is, and perhaps K.C. and Ms. Sands would also respond to this, why is it that criticism, even mild such as "You're running from something" stays with us so tenaciously?

    I admire Malia Lane who commented that she appreciated all the suggestions, but makes up her own mind.

    We KNOW our own minds when it comes to articles of faith or wandering, but it seems to get stuck when someone looks at us cross-eyed. Why? And HOW do we stop it? (Now where'd I put that amulet for evil-eye?)