Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why I was glad to sell my house

My former 1,300 square foot burden

You probably know all the reasons home ownership is a great thing, so I won’t rehash that here. Instead, I’m going to explain why homeownership wasn’t the fulfillment of a dream for me.

I was a happy renter for the first couple of decades of my adult life. I had shelter, comfort, and a place for my stuff, and, best of all, freedom. When I wanted to live somewhere new, seek opportunities elsewhere, shorten my commute, I didn’t think, “Crap, I need to sell the house first.” I could simply give notice, pack up my stuff, collect my deposit and go. What’s more, I could rent in neighborhoods that were much nicer than the areas where I could afford to buy.

But everyone was telling my I was crazy and irresponsible.

“You’re just throwing that rent money away instead of building equity and wealth!”

“Think of the tax deductions, man!”

“Adults buy, losers rent!”

I eventually succumbed to the arguments.

It was nice having privacy and total control of my environment. I could turn the stereo up, work on motorcycles, paint the walls whatever color I wanted, make improvements…

After a few years, though, none of that seemed worth what I’d given up. My life options had decreased and my obligations had increased. I was less free. About halfway through my seventeen years as a homeowner I started counting down to retirement and getting rid of the house.

I was euphoric when I picked up the check from the escrow company—not just because it was the largest check to ever have my name on it, but because I was no longer obliged to anyone. I was my own man.


  1. Ah, it's these enigmatic posts that keep us on the edges of our seats.

    WHAT were the decreased options?

    What were the obligations...evoking images of the Mariner's albatross?

    Then a bit of irrationality....there you were happily going along until (and HOW in godz name did that HAPPEN?! I mean you're obviously not a "follower?") you succumbed.

    At least it was a happy ending.

    P.S. Have you been reading Brewed Journey's Appalachian Trail journal excerpts? The story has it that was the worst Spring in the history of the trail.

    Oh, and did you get that Wave 3 (the 6 might be better for your rig) catalytic heater I suggested?