Friday, February 1, 2019

I'm all shook up

I’ve probably reported before that I wake up several times a night. Well, the past couple of months, I’ll sometimes become aware of a mild vibration during those waking moments.

What is that? Where is it coming from? I had decided it was the refrigerator compressor. Or maybe it was a thing my nervous system was doing—some old person thing to add to the New Normal list. Great. Or space aliens are trying to beam me up. Yeah, that’s it.

But I finally made the connection last night. The vibration is from trains going by about a half mile away. At least I think it is. I need to test the hypothesis by observing whether the vibrations still happen when I’m far from any rails. If I never report back it’s because the aliens beamed me up.


  1. Most likely the trains, even when you can't hear them because the direction of the wind you can feel the vibration through the ground. Of course it could be the universe playing you like a fiddle.

  2. Could be a T Rex, ala Jurassic Park...

  3. Why am I suddenly hearing the music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind?