Sunday, October 13, 2019

Start the presses!

Sometimes my craving for arty stuff coincides nicely with an event calendar. This weekend was the Southwestern Print ¡Fiesta! in Silver City NM, dedicated to silkscreening, lithography, woodblock and such. I signed up for a letterpress workshop and had a pretty good time. It was a hands-on affair. However, it was also sort of a group project, and you know how those things go. And there was one participant who seemed to think it was all about her, so… Still, it was good to be among artistic people—even the ones with huge egos.


  1. Sometimes those types are very insecure and the quiet one who says little or nothing can be the most secure person in the room.

  2. Karin - Read “Quiet.” (It’s on Al’s list too.)