Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Two-inch drop at the chop shop

After it warmed up a little this morning I started emptying the Rolling Steel Tent so I could disassemble the bed and lower it. The stuff under the bed, the stuff in the semi-secret compartment under the mattress, things in the “hallway.”

Then it was time for Lou and his reciprocating saw. Cutting the legs was quick work.

When I put the frame back into the van I realized I hadn’t considered the wheel hump. Oh. Yeah. The bed just barely cleared it before. But now…

Time to improvise.

I worked out a suitable solution that didn’t involve taking a cutting torch to the wheel hump or beating it into submission with a sledge.

And now, voila, headroom! No more slouching. No more rubbing a bald(er) spot on the top of my head. Happiness.


  1. Those pesky wheel wells. I almost put my desk there without a thought as to where I would put my feet. I'm glad you found a solution that works for you.

  2. why didn't I realize that male pattern baldness is caused by wheel wells making the ceiling rub on your head? It so obviously the cause! I suppose it must be because I don't have a bed over the wheel well :)

  3. You be feeling a lot better if you were able to undertake that physical work. But a question - what did you do with the stuff that was stored under the bed?