Sunday, December 6, 2020

Man cannot live by worm jerky alone

Back in July, when I was in central Montana, I wrote about Mexican roasted and seasoned grasshoppers called chapulines. Yum. So when I saw Newport Jerky Company also offered a mix of grasshoppers and crickets I added them to my order.

Alas, these are seasoned only with a little salt, so they aren’t as tasty as chapulines. They’re still nice, though. Sort of like slightly wilted cheese puffs—without the cheese—and a little more chewy at the end. They’d be good sprinkled on a salad. Mmmmmm, orthoptera croutons.


  1. Popcorn seasonings? There are four or five different flavors. I bet the bacon-cheddar would be a good choice or maybe the buttered-herb.

    1. Absolutely. All types of seasoning could be used.

  2. And just think...there may come a day when you can make the word in Scrabble!

  3. Not sure I could get past the lack of eye appeal. (still looks like bugs, something I respond to with a boot stomp). Guess there are limits to my adventuresome spirit. Hats off to you AL!