Wednesday, December 9, 2020



  1. Since you did the wise thing, you can now meander around to the other end of the crack and try to come back to the rope from the lower end.

  2. Now, let's think about this. Here u are in the best condition you've been in for 30 years an' w limitless time on yer hands. Ah'm thinkin' hit's yer social dooty tuh install a ladder. Yup, that's the answer.

    All youse gotta do iz tuh haul a ten-pound sledge, sum spikes that'll stand up tuh bein' pounded intuh sandstone -- that IS sandstone, isn't it? -- and A ROPE LADDER.

    I mean, whut ELSE r u gonna do?

    Just think how many folks'll be grateful. Overnight yew'll be a legend!

    1. There are pre-made rope ladders I could anchor to the same massive spike that currently holds the rope.