Sunday, January 31, 2021

Dollar store salmon?

I’m pretty certain none of the advice about buying good fish recommends Dollar Tree, but what the hell, it was only a buck. 

I had the choice of cod, tilapia or salmon. Hmmmm. Cod triggers nightmares of my days working at a fish & chip joint. Tilapia is crap. So I went with the more upscale salmon. Because, as I said, it was only a buck.

The white stuff was some kind of clear liquid that was with the fish

I let it thaw in the fridge overnight then sautéd it in some Danish butter and ghee with some salt and pepper. And…

Nothing horrible, nothing great, and nothing very salmony. Just generic mild fish flavor. About what you’d expect for fish that isn’t fresh from the ocean. 

But this was much better than the canned salmon I tried a few months ago for old times’ sake. Mom used to make salmon loaf with the stuff. I hated it as a kid but had a nostalgic craving for it. Blekh. Even the coyotes wouldn’t eat the remains I left for them.

Would I eat dollar store fish again? Mmmmm, I wouldn’t rule it out. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s just nothing compelling about it. Except the price.


  1. My wonderful wife served salmon last night and I have to dip it into something whereas she eats it right off the plate. I do remember mom serving salmon patties from the can during Lent.; no more it will be a tasty meatless pierogi during Lent.

  2. With salmon patties/loaf I switched out the crackers or oatmeal for instant mashed potatoes. Really lighten up the texture and flavor of the patties.

    My biggest objection to your Dollar Store salmon is it was processed in China. For some reason all the fish I have had coming out of China has a flat bland watery flavor. I know I'm paying more for fish out of Alaska canneries but it seems to have a fish flavor.