Monday, January 11, 2021

The college of electrical knowledge

Many times electrical savvy nomads have asked me how many Amps my solar setup puts out. I could only answer that I didn’t know. One reason is that the whole concept of Amps refuses to stick in my brain for some reason. I’m good with Watts and Volts, but Amps…? The second reason is that I didn’t have anything measuring Amps for me. Can’t give anyone a number I don’t have.

But that has changed. (Well, at least the second reason has. I’m still an idiot about Amps.) I spent part of my second stimulus check on the meter that replaces the face plate of my MorningStar charge controller. Remove the old plate, plug the meter into the waiting receptacle, screw the new meter/faceplate in place, and… presto! Not only the Amps, but even more data i don’t understand. Yet. 




  1. Volts is like water pressure, it is a measure of the force moving the water. Amps is how fast the water is moving. Watts is how much water in total, given the pressure and speed of the water. I hope my half remembered analogy from tech school helps.

    1. Yes, I've encountered this analogy several times, but it just doesn't stick. Argh.

  2. My TS-45 has been running full time since early 2008 with no let up.
    Good equipment for sure.

  3. Has never stuck in my mind either..I do know when a battery is dead...