Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sunrise over the Colorado River

As seen from my room at the Edgewater Hotel & Casino, Laughlin, Nevada. I'm on my way to Death Valley and didn’t want to camp in freezing weather if I didn't need to. The hotel was built back before guests had a bunch of electronics they needed to plug in, so the room is short on outlets. And since they want you to be gambling instead of sitting in your room, there’s no desk, just a small table with no outlets nearby. So I moved the table across the room. Good thing it’s small. Oh, and their standard free wifi is slow. They charge for a faster connection. Nice sunrise view, though.


  1. A few of those (rooms) and you could buy yerse'f an Enerco (maker of Mr. Buddy heaters) Wave 3 and not have to put up with neighbors.


    I got mine from eBay for $250.00.


    You can read my rant about the benefits of catalytic heaters in the COMMENTS on Little House's blog:


    Stay Warm!!

    1. The room was $27.00. But besides heat there was plumbing and wifi.

    2. OMG! A deal!

      And legal Friends w Benefits options too!

  2. Speaking of cold lonely nights,I noticed My thermostat was set at a chilling 65 degrees Brrrrrr.;too cold for a good night sleep I immediately set the furnace to a toasty 68
    Degrees ,What are your inside
    Outside temperature?

    1. By the end of the night it can get down to about 45°F inside while it's about 40° outside. I can deal with that long enough to pee and dive back under the covers. It was down to 27° one time, with frost on the inside of the windows. I was fully dressed under a down blanket and sleeping bag, with two wool caps. I headed to warmer weather and vowed never to get that cold again.

  3. And some (Ca.) state parks charge $$$$ for next to nothing.Oregon & Wa.Idaho are upping theirs too....Krap!
    Remember Motel 6's?....Pretty crappy in Reno but warm-dry & hot shower...