Saturday, April 10, 2021

Greetings from the family

It happens many times. Someone announces their plans to drive away from normal life and live in a vehicle—on purpose—and their families throw a fit. Usually out of concern for the nomad’s wellbeing, but often because they find the action somehow… offensive, a threat to the proper order of things, a rejection of all they hold dear. The announcement can create a familial rift, or widen one that’s already there.

I’m lucky. My family has been supportive. If there are any who feel otherwise they’ve kept it to themselves. We’re a polite clan. 

I’m the youngest sibling, the baby, and my path has always been at least a little different. So they’ve had decades to adjust to my oddness. “You sold your house so you can wander around in a van? (inert one-point-three seconds of thought) Yeah, that fits your profile.”

So, this post was inspired by the birthday greetings two of my sisters sent me. Linda wrote:

I hope all you roads are clear, your skies are wide, and you have all you need for the year ahead to enjoy good health, peace of mind, and many new adventures!

And Karen posted:

I saw this on my trike ride and thought of you.  Wishing you many more years of “life is good!”

Thank you, dear sisters.


  1. Congratulations on not being normal. It is much better being in our grouping.

  2. I'm grateful that most of my people are supportive. They can see the benefits and are a little jealous of the travel and camping. Yet in the end, they know it's not for them because sticks and bricks has other things they'd miss. Reasonable.

  3. Living your life is probably a lot more "normal" than what some of the rest of us are doing.

  4. Normal is an acronym for National Organization for Rational MArijuana Laws. (Just for the joke. I’m strait but not narrow. )