Friday, April 23, 2021

Not much going on, and maybe that’s a good thing

I haven’t had anything of interest to report on the past week. No adventures, but also no dramas. 

I hang around in case Lou needs help with anything. He’s doing okay most days, he’s just easily fatigued. That’s hard for a guy who always has some sort of project he wants to work on. Yesterday he moved some rocks. What ordinarily would’ve been one wheelbarrow load took three or four trips. “I’m tired all the time,” he says, “but I can sleep only so much.” 

The time Lou needs to spend on the phone dealing with medical and insurance people is also exhausting. And frustrating. I had a much easier time of it with UCLA Health. All the departments were well coordinated, their record keeping and scheduling were painless. They have their shit together. (I think that’s the official medical term.) But it’s a bit of a mess here for Lou. And his oncologist left. It’s all part of Silver City being a small town with limited medical resources—especially compared to Los Angeles. 

If you’d like to help defray Lou’s expenses, his PayPal account is Or drop him a note of support.

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